The most important aspect of your website is its design. Considering today’s online traffic your web design needs to be unique with all the features and functions to attract and convert the right target audience. However, on the same note one of the most crucial elements of a web design is its PSD to XHTML Conversion.

Why do you need PSD to XHTML Conversion?

All the website designs are initially created by creative web designer in the PSD format. This PSD version of the web design is not browser compatible and if the website design is only PSD ready then it affects the functionality of the site. Hence, in order to make a web design PSD browser compatible and functional it needs to be chopped off in XHTML. This process of PSD to XHTML Conversion makes the website browser compatible and allows integrating website content in it. We at Dezyre Infotech provide our clients with the best Conversion service for their website at a very affordable rate with it being browser compatible and W3C validated.

Benefits to Convert PSD to XHTML:

There are end numbers of benefits to convert psd to xhtml for your website design. Let us walk through some of them to get a better picture of it. A website is coded in a markup language for the browsers to understand. Of which XHTML is a markup code language used for coding a website and is compatible with multiple browsers. So when a website is accessed on any browser, the browser crawls the XHTML code written for the site and displays the text content and images that are embedded in it. This allows the end user to view the site accordingly. So it is very important the website is coded in a professional way.

XHTML allows creating and formatting of web pages according to your requirements with ease. PSD to XHTML Conversion facilitates the website web pages to be created in a very creative and interactive way. It also supports integration of Flash on the website making it more attractive and interactive. This in return gives the website a very attractive and interactive looks and feels and finally resulting in getting more visitors to the site.

Given that it will assist in attracting more visitors to the site, PSD to XHTML Conversion also allows you to integrate quick contact or enquiry form on the website which the visitors can fill up to contact you or enquire about your products/services. This database of filled in information can be exploited for your various marketing needs. We hope this gives you an idea about the other benefits to convert psd to xhtml can offer to create a prefect website.

What our PSD to XHTML Conversion offers you:

Our Web Design services exploits the latest cutting edge technologies for you to get the best PSD to XHTML Conversion for your website design. We have gained the conversion expertise in HTML5, email template, ecommerce shopping cart, mobile site and more. We are one of the experts in this service available in the market over the past years.

  • W3C Validated Codes
  • SEO oriented
  • Multiple browser compatibility
  • Pixel Perfect chopping
  • Quick page loading time
  • Clean code for browsers to crawl
  • User friendly code to update easily

  • Table-less coding